Squadron Diary

Date 27 November 1943


"C" Flight from 103 Sqn, also based at Elsham Wolds, together with nine Avro Lancasters Mk I and III and their ground crews, were actually posted in on 25 November, but the crews and aircraft did not actually "arrive" until two days later, on Saturday 27 November, proudly bearing the new Squadron's new code letters, UL. These made up the nucleus of the new Squadron, forming "B" Flight under the command of Sqn Ldr M R Attwater.

The Squadron's "A" Flight, under the command of Sqn Ldr Dilworth, was made up of four experienced crews from 101 Sqn at Ludford Magna; additional crews coming straight from Heavy Conversion Units within No.1 Group.

In the days leading up to 01 December, new postings arrived each day including clerks, riggers, armourers, fitters, transport drivers and aircraft hands, and the time was spent equipping relevant sections and receiving the new arrivals. The Squadron aircrew establishment as at 27 November probably looked as follows:

576 SQUADRON "A" FLIGHT: Officer Commanding "A" Flt: Sqn Ldr J F Dilworth (without crew)
Flt Sgt L R B Matthews
Sgt A D Roulson
Flt Sgt R H Sinclair RNZAF
Plt Off R S Bowden
Plt Of C H Bayram
Sgt D J Bealey
Sgt D W Blackman
Sgt A J Bodger
Sgt R P Lloyd
Sgt S G Barnes
Sgt W Scott
Sgt K Watkins
Sgt P W Robert
Sgt J A Russell
Sgt R Whalley
Sgt C Van de Velde
Sgt S J Barr
Sgt J D Ward
Sgt F Burgess
Sgt J McCool
Sgt G N Scott (or Sgt G M Morris)
Flt Lt R R Leeder
Sgt R P Lloyd (?)
Sgt B G Lyall
Fg Off J A Turner
Sgt R S Brown
Sgt P J Drought
Sgt S Bickeley

576 SQUADRON "B" FLIGHT - Officer Commanding "B" Flt: Sqn Ldr M R Attwater
Sgt A Burgess Flt
Sgt M A Grace RCAF
Flt Sgt D S S Potter
Sgt K W Taylor
Sgt F W Harris
Flt Lt C Hill
Fg Off G S Morgan
Sgt J R Mearns
Sgt N A Lambell RAAF
Plt Off E McP Graham
Sgt J R O"Hanlon
Sgt D Roberts
Sgt C E Shilling
Plt Off R J Edie
Sgt E S Boorman
Sgt A E Danslow
Plt Off E H J Suarez
Flt Sgt A W Jones Sgt E C Benham Sgt S D Clewer WO T J Bassett RAAF Sgt E A Brown Sgt J M W Pasley (or Fg Off H L Rees RCAF) Sgt B R Round Flt Sgt W H Rogers RAAF Sgt A J Palfreman Flt Sgt L Brettell Flt Sgt C E O"Neill RCAF Sgt J A Mansfield Sgt R H McLeod (or Fg Off J B Armstrong RCAF) Sgt S Hewitt Sgt J R Ingham Sgt G A Coon RCAF Sgt N Conner Flt Sgt H M C Thomas Sgt D Arlott Sgt P W Green Plt Off M A Elliott Sgt J P Gray Sgt H L Morrison RCAF Sgt L Mulholland Fg Off J H Richards Sgt C P Rudland (or Sgt H S Mitchell) Sgt G Evans Sgt A E Hooper Sgt S W Irons Sgt C Milburn Sgt H Johnson WO C C Rollins Sgt E D Roff Fg Off H L Rees RCAF Sgt J Rutter Sgt R Hammond Sgt L S Sumak RCAF Sgt M A Frost (or Sgt W M Boston) WO M J Graham Sgt G P Rae Sgt W J C Keigwin Sgt K W Flowers Sgt P Harris Sgt P J Daly Sgt D Roberts Plt Off R L Hughes Sgt J E F Paton Sgt D A H Morris Sgt J Woodruff Sgt J P Gray Sgt F E A Rivett Sgt F H Lanxon Flt Sgt J M Booth RAAF (possibly) Sgt G H Kaye Flt Sgt L W L Godfrey RAAF Flt Sgt R E D Richards RAAF Flt Sgt M N Jennings RAAF Flt Sgt M W Jones RAAF Flt Sgt D R G Taskis RAAF Flt Lt E D Smith (possibly) Sgt B Suffolk Fg Off C Ashcroft Fg Off M L Abramson RCAF WO1 A Larsen RCAF Flt Sgt A R McAlhome Sgt N A Dixon

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